Saturday, 16 May 2015

Summary of my thinking and research with regard to final piece.

James Turrell
By phenomenological definition space is a medium of communication, mediation and transference, of idea and perception.
Connection to universe
Nature of reality
Perception of reality;
Duality of mind/body/ interior/exterior/subject/objectImage result for james turrell skyspace tremenheereImage result for james turrell skyspace tremenheere

Ann Hamilton
Where is place and form for human making at the pace of the human body in the remote technological world?
Embodiment: experience and understanding of physical as opposed to phenomenological

Samuel Beckett
Reality is purely a construct of mind: it consists of ideas only
Self-perception: awareness of self, seeing from inside and outsideImage result for samuel beckett film

Helen Chadwick
Experience of the body: connection with the universe. Conscious meat.

Tony Oursler
Identity in the digital age
The eye as a two way form: sees and is reflected in.
Distance and connection
Display of videosImage result for tony oursler

Earthrise and Robert Hooke
Perspective shift: interior/exterior
Centre of universe, micro/macro, microscope,
Image result for robert hooke micrographiaImage result for earthrise

My Retina photos
Circular, interlinked, my perception, threatened.
Body Videos-microscopic magnification
Square opposed to circular format. Need to be more abstract
Body morph: vignette not good enough
Circular template, issues in Photoshop
Difficulties with cropping and multi videos.

Final Videos
Choice of how many images, videos at once: two equal sized circles is the strongest format.

The duplication of images emphasises the dialogue, the communication, the blurring of inner and outer…

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