Monday, 17 April 2017


Used in churches as part of an anchorite's cell; a viewing space onto the outside world. Anchorites were voluntarily ( hopefully) walled up into a tiny room built against a wall of the church and this was their only access to outside; food and water could be passed through.Not sure how they managed toilet arrangements... 
Also known as leper squints; the sick were kept away from the main body of the church and could only peep at the altar from outside. 
Sign of division.. a barrier, a space that forms an impenetrable mass. Interesting how we design and manage space to include, welcome, withhold, repel, menace etc. Makes me think of homeless spikes and public benches specifically designed so that its impossible to lie down on them.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

James Turrell Sky Space.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Call that a skull and mermaids' purses

Bison skull lent by a friend. I've been getting the children I teach to draw it too.

Been looking at and drawing these ray egg cases washed up on Chesil Beach last winter. Just realised they and the light/shadow images seen behind the skull are negative/ positive cut outs of the inside of the bison's nose.

Cat skull in pink

 Returning at last to my own art work after a long  time of teaching other people!
Digital microscope of cat skull found in my garden.. fascinated by the way the dry white bone regains a tint of life when photographed; becomes fleshy again.
Considering how I can develop this, possibly into video? 
Can Photoshop the colour back to normal