Saturday, 16 May 2015

Continuing technical issues with Photoshop and Premiere

Learned how to make circle templates in Photoshop, save as PSD file,which could then be taken into Premiere and dragged over the top of a video.
Issues with size of template: larger one didn't work as its top and bottom were cut off.
Issues of re-sizing the templated videos to make them equal.
Learned how to play two or more videos at the same time in Premiere.
Learned how to crop each video to fit it in using safe margins to show the centre of the screen.
Also how to apply crop effect; not to whole movie but to each clip at a time.
Issues with the circle templates having bits cut out of them due to positioning: never really understood why...
Issues of sizing of the circle videos: smaller, larger or equal.
Applying cross dissolve and timing between each video.

Effects Mask; to apply an effect to a specific part of a video
Saving everything as Quicktime videos so can be seen on Macs.
Tried experimenting with layering videos but couldn't keep the circles clear.

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