Sunday, 19 April 2015

Eye circle templates

Large circle template for eye, still needs to be closer up. Using the large circle template isn't workable in Premiere as they are too large and the tops and bottoms get cut off. I need perfect circles.

I re shot the eye much closer up, no eyelids or lashes, no gender, no specificity, just an eye, a perception. Works much better, much stronger.


Like the tongue videos, very strong and strange looking. Will use this in final video experiment.


Pairing of tongue and nit works: fleshy and disturbing though have to get size and position right.


Pleased with this pairing.will use for final piece.


Decided not to use the head hair or nose hair videos as the juxtaposition with the head louse was too obvious.


Good strong focus on nit, can see the blood pulsing through its system. Will use this in final video.


Managed to get the circles all perfect; experimenting with positioning and sizing,
Referencing planets, huge spaces, exteriors and yet also tiny,micro interiors. Duality of inside/outside/subject/object. Who lives in or on who or what.

I've decided that three images is too many: it needs to be two and tightly focused.


Experimenting with three images,technical  issues with spacing and decisions about size of each circle.




Nit too small, eye not close up enough.

Development of videos: square format to circular

Finally worked out how to apply a circle template made in Photoshop to a video in Premiere. Eventually realised I had to leave the background transparent, then could drag it over the whole length of a video and then the images would be focused within a circle. I made two different size circle templates and used the smaller as the larger was too large and had its top and bottom cut off in the final video.

Also had to learn how to crop videos so that I could play two or more side by side or in separate parts of the screen. Difficult as the video looks fine before it is saved then when it is played back the defects become obvious i.e. bits cut off etc. Very frustrating and time consuming.

 First videos before the circle template: the square format doesn't work: not focused enough, diminishes their strength. Experimented with double image of nit, not successful: made it weaker rather than stronger.
Difficulties getting the two videos the same size, cropping them not that simple. They need to be in a circle format: need the focus.

Colour experiments: pretty but not working.

More retinas

In response to the feedback from the Fusion judges I am playing about with the idea of planets and the solar system. This fits with my ideas about connection to the universe and our place within it: we and the universe are composed of only 97 elements: the atoms that make up our physical presence originated in the stars. I would like to get photographic prints of these but again it's expensive.

Close up, more abstract

Referencing the distance of the earth from our neighbouring planets

Eyeballs looking in the same direction- need to be different.

Changed eyeball direction

Again looking in same direction.

Like the intense hue in the eyeballs

Thinking about printing onto see through material 

Development of retina imagery

New computer and Fusion submission

Finally got new computer system after many delays: it took a month during which time I completed the workshops for my Professional Practice Module. Premiere runs fine on this system thank goodness.

RUH Fusion- a collaboration between Bath Spa university and Bath hospital: art in healing, art and science etc.
I applied for this open submission exhibition and had my work accepted so took to framers; huge expense!!!! Below are the five images that were accepted and the feedback I was given :
Dear Jane, 

 I'm pleased to inform you that your proposal for FUSION has been accepted. The concept of making procedures into Art is definitely intriguing. 

It was suggested you could push their abstract nature further so they become more planetary- The retina less explicit which is something you may want to consider. The concept of making images of procedures into Art is definitely intriguing and was picked up upon. 

Any other questions please get in touch, 

Best Wishes, Fiona